Procurit Solutions offer essential First-Class services, where we specialize in Sourcing, Procurement, Freight, Logistics, & Distribution. This involves sourcing the best suppliers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, or wholesalers of products and services, to suit your requirements, depending on budgets, time critical and service levels.

Our services are designed to be either a stand-alone or combined. No matter what service you select, we guarantee competitive prices and outstanding performance. We have amassed a lot of experience in procuring many different products from clothing, food, beverage, equipment, vehicles, machinery, furniture, and construction materials. Whatever the commodity we follow the same process, where we work with the client to formulate a Bill of Quantity (shopping list), source suppliers, send out tenders, compare analyze responses, make recommendations to client, purchase either directly or oversee the purchase from client to vendor, ship, store, deliver, install, and assemble. A highly experienced and well positioned Freight Forwarder and Logistics Service provider. Company, we can offer customized packages.

Using our group company, ACM Freight and approved network of Freight Forwarders, Airlines and Shipping Lines, Procurit Solutions can work with the Customer and Supplier to organize the best freight options (port of loading, port of discharge, import and export procedures), including Customs Inspections, and all government ministries.

How does this benefit you; it means that we take on all the responsibilities for organizing and communication with the suppliers and freight providers, which can take up a lot of your time, tying you up with red tape, bureaucracy, and administration.

We take away the headaches and potential roadblocks, providing solutions to make sure of a smooth, trouble- free project. Financially and quality benefits are numerous but suffice to say that you will only receive Invoices and Reports, from one company, (Procurit Solutions). Using just us, also allows a smooth process for insurance, covering the complete freight and cargo value from origin and up to 30 days at destination warehouse. This is covered under 1 (one) policy, in your name. Using multiple providers, will lead to higher costs, due to the numerous insurance policies needed, plus the inspections required by insurance providers to carry our condition surveys.

We provide our customers with all the traditional and contemporary freight transportation services. With a global network of shipping partners, we enable our clients to export and import goods across global destinations. Our quality and reliability allows us to meet our clients expectations and helps in building a strong professional relationship with them. Along with our Distribution Services, we can carry out Delivery to Individual residence, place of work or project site, and even organize the installation.

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Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing – Which includes Planning is the first stage within Procurement Process, where it is the process of choosing the suppliers to offer the items you need for your business. Before purchasing OS&E or FF&E, sourcing should be the first thing to consider.

Procurement & Purchasing – Are regularly mistaken as the same action, however, there is a definite difference, where Procurement can be considered as the action before and after the actual purchasing is made, and purchasing being the actual ordering of goods. The difference between Procurement & Purchasing is while Procurement combines multiple processes and Purchasing is a one-step process that make the purchase possible.

Procurement – is the complex process associated with sourcing and obtaining goods and services, it covers many areas, including, research, planning, sourcing suppliers and items, generating bill of quantities/materials, budgets, tendering, comparing offers, freight, warehouse, delivery, installation, and project management. The strength of our procurement competency lies in the fact that we have forged relationships with key manufacturers, we can negotiate contract prices and we have strong logistical expertise. With our bulk purchasing power, we can access best quality inventories internationally, often at a fraction of the local market related cost. 

Purchasing – Is the final process of obtaining goods or service. Ultimately, we work on finding any item(s) you need be it a new family dinner set to a complete restaurant F&B inventory.

It doesn’t stop there, as we have had great experience in also Sourcing, Procuring & Purchasing, Dual Use Military, Security and Private, Tactical, Technical, Clothing, Vehicles and Equipment.

You Think It, We Find It, forget about Artificial Intelligence (AI), we give you that Personal Human Search Engine.


Using our approved network of Freight Forwarders, Airlines and Shipping Lines, Procurit Solutions can work with the Customer and Supplier to organise the best freight options (port of loading, port of discharge, import and export procedures. If you rely on air or sea freight for your business, rely on Procurit Solutions, for cost-effective, smooth delivery of your cargo. By using our Group `company Freight Forwarder, ACM Freight. You have the flexibility to choose from a range of air freight service options tailored to your precise needs, complete with end-to-end visibility.


This is an important aspect for any business. We ffer the best warehousing solutions, using our pre-approved 3 rd party suppliers. All warehouse facilities are maintained by a group of well-trained staff taking proper care of your goods. We understand that the seasonal temperatures demands the maximum care and hence the warehouse we choose for your cargo or services are fully equipped with state of the art facilities including temperature control.

When we talk about 3PL Warehouse solutions this can often mean Short/Long Term Storage, Cross Docking, E- commerce, Fulfilment, Pick, Pack, Labelling and Kitting Services.

It is more cost effective to ship in the items, directly to the project site, however, this not always the case. As there will be times when short- or long-term storage will be needed, particularly, if the destination (consignee) is not ready to receive the items.

We do offer Logistics, Distribution and Installation as a full package. Should you require either one or both additional services, let us know in your initial contact, or when completing the Service Requirement Questionnaire.

DISTRIBUTION – (Delivery &Installation)

Our Distribution service includes Delivery to Site, Placement, Assembly, and Installation.

We can arrange delivery either from collection at the port, direct from the supplier or from the storage warehouse. Even if we have not been involved with the freight/import and local storage. As part of our full service, an experienced team of installers can be supplied, this is ideal, especially as most projects don’t have sufficient staff to receive, carry and place, install the many hundreds of items, delivered.

When we say Distribution/Delivery, this can include everything from collection at supplier’s premises, import customs clearance temporary storage to placing into the room or area.

At this stage your project team may be small and very busy with other areas of the project or simply not available. Procurit can take on the installation, where we would ensure the right items are placed in the correct locations, unpacked, and staged, removing any discarded packing materials.

The Procurit Solutions project logistics team stay at the forefront until the complete Item List has been ordered and delivered. to ensure efficient, timely completion of the entire project.

We take installation very seriously as the installers are usually the last ones in the rooms before the project team takes over.