Procurit Solutions offer essential First-Class procurement solutions, where we specialise in Sourcing, suppliers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, or wholesalers.

Procurement covers a vast array of commodities and products, some of which require an in-depth specialised knowledge.

Procurit Solutions have amassed a lot of experience in procuring many different products from clothing, food, beverage, equipment, vehicles, machinery, furniture, and construction materials. Whatever the commodity we follow the same process, where we work with the client to formulate a Bill of Quantity (shopping list), source suppliers, send out tenders, compare analyse responses, make recommendations to client, purchase either directly or oversee the purchase from client to vendor, ship, store, deliver, install, and assemble.

A snapshot of the main project areas we cover are:


When it comes to Hotels and Hospitality, our Procurement team have amassed a vast array of experiences, purchasing from a single household item to a full inventory for a 5 * Luxury Resort. An example of the type of facilities we procure for are, Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouse, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurants, Café’s Bars, Hospital – School and Commercial catering facilities.

Opening a new hospitality business or carrying out refurbishment on a current one, on time and in budget, can be a very daunting time for developers, owners, operators, and all other stakeholders.

Mistakes, errors, or omissions can have a huge impact on the project budget and planned opening date.   

There are many areas/facilities in a hotel especially when it comes to a resort style property. Procurit Solutions cover all the major areas, Guestrooms, Housekeeping, Kitchens, Restaurants, Banquet, Conference and Meeting Rooms for example.

Just because you are a 4-bedroom bed and breakfast or a roadside cafe, it doesn’t mean you can’t have luxury items, at an affordable price. 

Our experienced consultants will review the Interior Designers renderings, the Architects drawings, the Hotels specifications, and matrixes. Quantities are checked and verified before item lists are prepared for tendering. Our services can either be a Quick Quote, Part/Select or Full-Service Solutions, for New Build, Pre-opening, Opening and Refurbishment projects in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Whichever service you choose we will manage every aspect from Planning, Sourcing, Bill of Quantities and Budget Creation, Quality Control, Execution, Procurement, Logistics, Installation (If required) through to Completion (Handover & Close out).

Opening a new hospitality business or carrying out refurbishment on a current one, on time and in budget, can be a very daunting time for developers, owners, operators, and all other stakeholders. Mistakes, errors, or omissions can have a huge impact on the project budget and planned opening date.

You can choose either one or multiple services, although we would prefer to handle your requirement from beginning to end, one point of contact, and reporting chain, ensuring a seamless successful project.


Not only do we consult for the Hotel and Hospitality sectors, but we also provide a matching service for Residential (Stately Homes, Palaces or Government, Apartments & Villas), Commercial (Offices, Schools, College, Hospitals etc.), Commercial and Private Marine and Aviation (Cruise Liner, Passenger Ferry, Fishing, Offshore Rigs & Naval, Super Yachts, Weekend, Day Sailing, Passenger and Private Aircraft).

RESIDENTIAL – Villa, Apartment, Palace, Stately Home, Government Care Homes, Staff Accommodation, Military Single, Married Accommodation, University, Prison and Detention Centre’s.



MARINE – Cruise Liner, Passenger Ferry, Fishing, Offshore Rigs & Naval, Cruise Liner – Large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing, can be hundreds of miles from a port, with no ability to re-stock sometimes for days.

Passenger/Ropax – Ships with the capacity for the carriage of commercial vehicles, private cars, and large numbers of passengers, mainly on short voyages.

Commercial Fishing – Could be at sea for days or weeks at end, with no planned stops unless in case of emergency. The crew on these vessels need to have the best most appropriate items to make their time at sea as comfortable as possible both on and off duty.

Offshore – Offshore structures. Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel, AHTS, Jack-Up Vessel, Semi-Submersible, Floating Production Unit, Flotel (an accommodation vessel for workers on an offshore oil rig), or drillship?

Navy (Merchant, Auxiliary or Military) – Be it a war fighting or support vessel, we will source and provide everything needed for living quarters, recreation, laundry, waste management and galley.

AVIATION – (Passenger and Cargo Carriers, Military, Government, United Nations, and NGO).

LUXURY PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES – A service which is very special to us is the Sourcing and Procuring of Luxury and Bespoke Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) to either Residential or Commercial users, be that a Hotel, Residence, Office, Private Yacht, or Aircraft.

All the items we source are available from the mass production market.  But where we stand out is by offering a bespoke service, for a more luxurious, personal bespoke experience where your chosen items can be customised with your choice of name, logo colour and material.

No matter what the project is we pay particular attention to these key areas: China (Dinnerware) – Crystal (Glassware) – Cutlery (Flatware) – Bedding – Table Linen – Towel Accessories – Table Accessories – Cushion and Soft Furnishing – Toiletries – Fragrance – Amenities.

We work with and on behalf of owners or renters of villas or apartments, who will always want to put their own personal stamp on their home, be that furniture, dinnerware, or something as simple as a name door plaque or entrance mat.


Procurit Solutions have the ability, capability, experience, and knowledge to support Government Military, Private Military, Security Companies and Emergency Services in the sourcing and procuring of most equipment types and clothing, for example, vehicles, uniforms, PPE, Optical, Visual and Communications to name but a few. We understand the requirements for licensing, export, import regulations and legal requirements for those items that come under controlled products and services. As part of our Procurement and Logistics Services, we will work with you to get the relevant and appropriate approvals.

Over the years we have also been involved and successful with establishing commercial, military and security staff camps in remote areas, Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Libya, and Sudan to name a few. We can provide everything needed to operate a camp from Accommodation, Catering, Electricity (Generators), Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants, Waste Management, Cleaning, Laundry, Recreation, Armouries, Fuel and Water Delivery and Distribution. If the environment or circumstances warrant the need for personnel safety, we can supply Safe Rooms (In the form of a self-contained, 40ft ballistic proof containerised units).



The essential elements of the Procurement phase are:



We specialise in Garments, Fashion and accessories, Quality Check, Segregation by Brand, Gender, Type, Size and Colour (This process we call Manipulation).

Working closely with garment, fashion, and textile wholesale companies, we provide services that facilitate the sale from Item to Container. After receipt into our warehouse, we can carry out scanning by the carton or item, segregation of the items Quality Checks. Grouping by Brand, Gender, Type, Colour and Size. Scanning and re-packing which provides an accurate inventory to enable your commercial team to offer these for sale by carton or pallet level.


With many years of Project Management experience, we have planned and executed various types of projects, including NYUAD, Emirates Engineering, DEWA, DU, Garda World, Christies Art, NEOM (Red Sea), Paralympics, Asian Games, Shrek, Cats and Cirque Du Soleil.

With many years of Project Management experience, we have planned and executed various types of projects, including NYUAD, Emirates Airlines, DEWA, DU, Garda World, Christies Art, NEOM (Red Sea), Paralympics, Asian Games, Shrek, Cats and Cirque Du Soleil

We take the time to understand your company’s logistic and project needs – Our personal involvement and Global Network ensure that your requirements will meet all regional, national, and international regulations to help minimise delays and maximise productivity. This also includes problem solving, raising shipping documents, and arranging the correct level of insurance cover.

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project criteria within agreed and approved parameters. Project management also has final deliverables that are constrained to a finite timescale and budget.

We encompass Project Management Processes across the full range of services we offer from Procurement, through Warehouse to Freight.