As a highly experienced and well positioned Freight Forwarding Service, Logistics and Procurement (Product Sourcing) Company, we can offer customised packages, either as a standalone freight option or as part of the Procurement Service.

Using our group company – ACM Freight an approved network of Freight Forwarders, Airlines and Shipping Lines, Procurit Solutions can work with the Customer and Supplier to organise the best freight options (port of loading, port of discharge, import and export procedures), including Customs Inspections, and all government ministries.

How does this benefit you; it means that we take on all the responsibilities for organising and communication with the suppliers and freight providers, which can take up a lot of your time, tying you up with red tape, bureaucracy, and administration.

We take away the headaches and potential roadblocks, providing solutions to make sure of a smooth, trouble-free project. Financially and quality benefits are numerous but suffice to say that you will only receive Invoices and Reports, from one company, (Procurit Solutions). Using just us, also allows a smooth process for insurance, covering the complete freight and cargo value from origin and up to 30 days at destination warehouse. This is covered under 1 (one) policy, in your name. Using multiple providers, will lead to higher costs, due to the numerous insurance policies needed, plus the inspections required by insurance providers to carry our condition surveys.

We provide our customers with all the traditional and contemporary freight transportation services. With a global network of shipping partners, we enable our clients to export and import goods across global destinations. Our quality and reliability allows us to meet our clients expectations and helps in building a strong professional relationship with them


Over 90% of World Trade is carried out via the sea.

Procurit Solutions will work closely with you to develop a shipping plan, which will be cost effective and operationally the best possible solution. Our close relationships with Freight Forwarders, Carriers and Lines, ensures the reporting process on the progress of your freight movement.

By utilising our many partners, we can offer most of the sea freight types of services. FCL, LCL, Break Bulk, or Roll on/roll off (Roro).

Full-container-loads provided by Procurit Solutions  guarantees a safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation service worldwide from UAE. We have a strong network of global partners which allows us to customise solutions for most commodity types. We will engage with you and understand what you are looking for be it time or budget dependent we will endeavour to get the best rates.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Full-container-loads provided by Procurit Solutions guarantees a safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation service worldwide. We have access to the best of equipment to assist you with customised solutions for all types of commodities. Our highly committed operational experts will engage with you and understand your needs.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Working in-house we will help you get your Less-than-Container-Load shipped to most parts of the world. We have a very strong network to cover your shipping needs. Our reliability and consistent track record mean we are the ideal team to serve you with Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) service at competitive rates.

Procurit Solutions ensures the highest standards in its LCL services for shipping goods globally. The LCL services provided by us are highly reliable and offer value for money. We follow all the best industry practices to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination without any risk of damage or loss.


As well as our International Shipping, we also cover the local/domestic shipping services. We have the resources and connections to make local/domestic shipping of goods and products easie. With a variety of cargo carrying vehicles, we offer shippers the best options to transport their goods locally/domestically. We use a mixture of vehicle types, Box Body, Curtain Sided, Air Ride, Flatbed, Refer and cargo vans, to name a few.


Why Choose Procurit Solutions for International or Local/Domestic Freight

  • Online booking
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • 24/7 customer support service

We offer global coverage for a highly efficient shipping service, ensuring the safety and security of shipments with the help of our shipping and logistics partners located across the globe. Procurit Solutions  puts you in complete control of your shipments by helping you to track your freight in real time through an advanced freight forwarding platform.

We offer reliability, transparency, and affordability in our services to make shipping easier for you. Our customer support team based in UK, Canada and UAE provides round the clock assistance to which allows us to maintain the highest standards for quality and reliability.


Procurit Solutions offer fast and reliable air freight transportation services.  Air is an ideal medium for quick international freight transport as the transit times in air freight are relatively short, which helps shippers in meeting tight deadlines. Although Air freight transportation is generally more expensive than other methods of shipping, but it offers great value to shippers who want to transport their goods quickly across global destinations. We can offer consolidation services to shippers for smaller shipments by utilising scheduled passenger airlines and consoles to help reduce the cost.



We provide a full variety of road transportation services, in many different regions, through a network of approved and reliable customer-focused land freight partners. Transportation of all sizes and types of goods is an important component of our business. We provide customers with cost-effective logistical solutions that match their transportation needs. One of the unique advantages that clients appreciate is the breadth of services that we provide, as well as our flexibility and skill in detecting and uncovering the best solution. Long-standing connections with our clients, extensive experience in handling all sizes and types of cargoes, a complete awareness of seasonality and load patterns in various industries, and a keen grasp of the length and width of the country distinguish ACM Freight from our competitors.


Like FCL and LCL in sea freight shipping, there are 2 modes offered in Road Freight

– Less-Than Truckload

FTL – Full Truck Load

LTL versus FTL

Let us say you have a shipment that needs to go from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England to Southampton, England. If it is a large shipment and need to use FTL, it will be picked up at your location and then driven directly to the target location. There will be no detours or loading/unloading stops in between. You will be required to pay for the total capacity of the truck/trailer. 

If you have a smaller shipment that is shipped using LTL, you will only pay for the space your cargo occupies on the vehicle. After collecting your shipment, it will be taken to a consolidation centre. Where it will be transferred to a vehicle, which will have a mixture of your cargo and other shippers’ cargo.

Because LTL freight shipping combines shipments from different companies, it has more stops along the route and therefore can take longer to arrive than an FTL shipment. This also means that a shipment might arrive on a later date than the estimated delivery date.

The cost of LTL shipping is generally cheaper because you’re only paying for your portion of the trailer. Different trucking carriers offer many different services at sometime hugely different rates. This is where we come in to ensure you only pay for the most economic service.

LTL freight is most commonly packaged onto pallets, which determines how much space you are using. You also pay different prices depending on your freight class. Your freight class is determined based on various factors such as: 

  • Density How much your freight weighs in comparison to its size. Higher density freight usually equates to a lower freight class. 
  • LiabilityThe freight’s potential for damage to itself or other freight on board; also its perishability. A higher liability equates to a higher freight class. 
  • Handling How easy is it to move this freight around? Does it require special loading or handling? Harder to handle freight equates to a higher freight class. 
  • Stow-ability How the load fits into the trailer. Can the cargo be stacked or turned on its side? The easier it is to stow your freight, the lower the freight class. 

We make sure that the carrier we select for you has the necessary equipment to deliver your shipment correctly. For example, if you require a liftgate to offload your freight.

Some of the vehicle types we can arrange for you are:

Side Loader

Side Loader trailers are essentially a crane on a flat bed trailer.   This set-up offers convenience, speed and versatility especially in circumstances where a 2nd piece of equipment is not available or space is an issue. 

Curtain Side