In partnership with our sister group company ACM Freight, we aim to become the leading provider of affordable, quality, and effective storage solutions. We can provide fully equipped warehousing and storage facilities in many locations, by using our preferred Logistics Service Supplier partners.

 Logistics is an important aspect for a business when it comes to handling the goods or freight. We at ACM Freight offer the best warehousing solutions, using our pre-approved 3rd party suppliers. All warehouse facilities are maintained by a group of well-trained staff taking proper care of your goods. We understand that the seasonal temperatures demands the maximum care and hence the warehouse we choose for your cargo or services are fully equipped with state of the art facilities including temperature control.

 When we talk about 3PL Warehouse solutions this can often mean Short/Long Term Storage, Cross Docking, E-commerce, Fulfilment, Pick, Pack, Labelling and Kitting Services.

 If your main business is international cross trade, then Jebel Ali Free Zone is the place for you, no duties, or taxes if the cargo remains in the Free Zone. If the cargo is destined for the mainland, where duties and taxes are payable, we have many options available. You can even mix and match, where the cargo is kept tax free in the free zone then released to the mainland as it is required, meaning you only pay for those items being moved out from the free zone.

 There are 3 main Warehouse types.


A fulfillment warehouse provides thrid-party logistics services. ECommerce companies ship inventory to the facility. Warehouse services include storage and order fulfillment. Many fulfillment warehouse companies offer additional services such as inventory management and product customisation. Logistics warehouses receive products and ship out orders. Most 3pl warehouses serve multiple cleints. 


A storage warehouse is primarily for the storage of materials and goods. A government agency might use a storage warehouse to hold seasonal equipment when it’s not needed. A law firm could send  old paper files to a storage warehouse for archiving. A storage warehouse ay have one client or many.


Distribution warehouse receives goods in bulk. A distribution warehouse may be a transfer point in multi-modal transport. Some distribution centres redistribute the products they receive. Grocery chains use regional distribution centres to receive bulk deliveries from suppliers. The distribution centre packs assortments of products onto outbound trucks for delivery to individual supermarket locations. A distribution centre may service just one company or many. 

Different types of warehouses provide different services, in our 3PL warehouses, the primary services include, receiving, picking, and packing, order fulfilment and shipping.


Receiving, or inbound shipping, is the process of checking-in and unloading your items when they arrive at our warehouse, from either Ocean (FCL or LCL), Air (Pallets or ULDs), Land (FTL or LTL), from the local market or as an import. The speed and accuracy of this process is crucial to ensure you have your products available for your customer. Once your products have been received, scanned, and logged into the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and put away to the shelves, they are then ready for our experienced team to pick, and pack based on order requirements.


Procurit Solutions, along with ACM Freight and in co-operation from our 3PL service providers, guarantee a 2-day Dock to Stock Service, based on working days (Holidays, Weekends and Forced Closures not included).


Examples of our Warehousing Solutions are:

Either, Indoor Racked, Bulk or Outdoor lay Down for, Vehicles, Textiles, White Goods, Exhibition, Event, Project Cargo, and General Goods.

We offer bulk and racked storage for general cargo, palletised or loose cartons and boxes under normal conditions.

Dangerous Goods, Temperature Controlled, Food, Beauty and Cosmetic items are stored with our 3rd party logistics partners.

We scan barcodes and enter them into our WMS/IMS system, which is then made available to you by either logging in to your inventory via cloud through an EDI bridge connection, which would require more involvement of IT specialists. If you do not need
live feed and an after- action report is all that is needed, we can send excel/pdf reports via email. 

In essence we provide a mix of 3PL and 4PL services, carrying out daily operations based around storage, pick, and pack services, and outsource certain elements of warehousing and transportation. It is more cost effective to ship in the items directly to the project site, however, this not always the case. As there will be times when short- or long-term storage will be needed, particularly, if rooms or areas are not ready to receive the items for installation. 

Picking, Packing and Order Fulfillment

The way we implement our WMS with your requirements, will depend on the type of warehouse service we are providing you with. Storage warehouse we will receive your pick list normally by email, where we will then pick the items from there shelf locations, either by the piece, carton, or pallet. If we are providing fulfilment warehouse, where your customers places an order on an e-commerce website, which can be linked between you and our warehouse. A picker will find the items for the order, handing them over to a packer, who will either load the pallet or find the correct size carton and packaging for the items picked.

Shipping, Freight, Distribution and Delivery

The final stage of Order fulfilment is shipping, after we have picked, packed, and labelled your order, we prepare the items for shipping, by either Courier, Air, Ocean, or Land freight.ost 

Value Added Service

In addition to our standard 3PL services, we also specialise in several various Value-Added Services, that can be standalone or as part of procurement (product sourcing), freight and logistics.


Kitting and un-kitting products gives you the flexibility to maximize your sales while minimizing your inventory. You can offer both kitted and individual versions of the items. With just-in-time kitting services, your 3PL warehouse can put together the perfect mix you need to fill your orders. Procurit Solutions Fulfillment’s experienced staff can kit and un-kit your products to meet your needs. 

Inventory Mgmt

Inventory management is the fine art of having just enough stock on hand, but not too much. A proficient warehousing company can help you manage your inventory. At Procurit Solutions Fulfillment, we work with our clients to optimize their inventory-management based on information that includes sales, seasonality, reorder timing, and other factors.

Cross Docking

Cross-Docking is a method for turning orders around quickly. This process is beneficial for products on backorder. Your warehouse doesn’t waste a day or more putting items on the shelves that will immediately go out again. Procurit Solutions Fulfillment can often turn around a shipment in a day using cross-docking.