Procurit Solutions Limited, are a Procurement, and Freight Forwarding Solution Provider. We Source and Procure from Vendors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Agents. This can be from a single item to a complete hotel inventory of Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) and Furniture, Fittings  and Equipment (FF&E). Once purchased, we can arrange the freight, storage, delivery, installation and assembly at the project site.


Procurit Solutions Limited established in 2021 but have over 30 years’ experience, where we specialise in procurement for most types of equipment and materials, but in particular Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) and Furniture Fittings & Equipment (FF&E) for Hotels, Hospitality, Restaurant, Catering and Residential customers, particularly in regions such as North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. We are your human procurement search engine.  We cover areas such as Freight Forwarding, Project Management, Warehousing, (Storage and 3PL), Pick, Pack and Distribution. All in All, a “Complete Supply Chain Service Company”


We provide you with a highly experienced Procurement and Freight Forwarding Specialist, who is responsible for sourcing suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and freight service suppliers. All of which must go through an approval process, unless we have already used them, in previous projects. Once we have selected the vendors, we send out a tender for them to complete and return by a given submission date, with their best offers. Our Freight Forwarding services, include arranging National, International shipments,  import and export processes, warehouse storage (bulk and racked), pick, pack, and distribution.


We listen to your Procurement and Freight requirements. Where we sit down with you in person or via video calls. This is a very important element of the project as it allows us to get an understanding of  your specific needs. We will work with and alongside you on preparing a Bill of Quantities (BOQ), otherwise know as a shopping list, budget, payment plans, quality standards and delivery schedules. These requirements are then sent out to prospective suppliers, vendors in the form of a tender, who will respond with their proposals and we will compile a comparison spreadsheet, which we then present this to you to make your selections.


We are a fast-growing, progressive company, with the head office in UK and representative offices in UAE and Canada. We are well positioned to manage, procure, and supply both locally and internationally most requirements, including import, export, air sea, road, or rail movements.  We do not use the slogan “One Stop Shop”; but in essence that is what we are, starting with the initial Sourcing, part of the Procurement process, to arranging shipping (Freight) and Logistics (Storage, Pick, Pack and Distribution.

Search engines are part of our daily lives, but you have to know what you are looking for, then you need to search contact details, send out your requirements, receive their responses, and compare their offers.

This is where Procurit Solutions come in, All you need to do is send your requirements to one point of contact “US” sit back and wait. Before you even have time to boil the kettle, Procurit Solutions will be sourcing a minimum of 3 suppliers for you, where we will send out your requirements, consolidate responses and send you a comparison chart, with our recommendations. Once you make your choice, inform us and we will act on it. These quotes can be for single or multiple items from a single source or numerous different companies. This works for Freight as well, where possible (Route availability) Procurit Solutions will negotiate the best prices, schedules, quality, warranties and delivery times.


Our aim is to be a strong, trusted, international procurement and logistic leader, by providing an outstanding service at an affordable price.


Our mission is to constantly exceed customer expectations by providing economical, quality and customer friendly procurement services. fast and efficient air, ocean and land, freight forwarding solutions, with superior logistics support. 
We are totally committed to provide you services that far exceeds your expectations. We achieve this level and quality of service, by putting in a tremendous amount of extra effort every day. Part of our ethos is to always look at ways to introduce modern technologies and employing highly trained, experienced, and committed team members. 
The most critical element of our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, by providing economical prices, outstanding service, transparency, honesty, and successful project closure.